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Classic PC softwares
I had stored some softwares from a past PC era that I've bought at the time, and have decided to display them here, more as a souvenir then considering them collectibles. Some games as old as 1987, running in DOS mode only. I'm not even sure Microsoft had windows at that time! I remember a software called GEM (found infos on wikipedia) having windows like the Microsoft well known OS but I don't think I have that software anymore anywhere.
 I've bought my first PC, around 1989. A Tandy 1000 TX with a 286 processor with co-processor. I've then acquired all eras of processors over time. My oldest computer I still have in hand is the 486 DX4 -100mhz. Still powering up but HD (a MFM which is pre-IDE) doesn't run anymore.
Most games displayed here have been bought originally at there release time. I've always been a good gamer. Then, when kids arrived, game softwares bought since at least 12 years have been for most, console games, which some are (or will be) displayed in the console games section. PS1, PS2, then Wii and now Wii U. I got Nintendo NES and Super nintendo since quite a long time too, possibly before the PS1 but were bought used.
 I will display PC games until about year 2000 maximum. As I have them stored here and there, they will be display per batch, as soon as I'll get my hand on them. Enjoy the visit and hope they bring good souvenirs!
Burried in time - Journeyman project Burried in time
The journeyman project 2
Fort Boyard adventure (french) Fort Boyard - La legende
(french game)
King's quest master of eternity King's quest - Mask of eternity
Myst - Riven Riven - The sequel to Myst
Tex Murphy adventure games
Tex Murphy games
Quake III - Arena Quake III - Arena
Star Wars Dark forces
Star Wars-Dark forces
Helicopter simulator 3D
Helicopter 3D simulator

UFO - complete guide to close encounters
UFO - Complete guide to close encounters
Netscape navigator gold
Netscape navigator gold
Operating systems

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