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Helicopter simulator 3D

Sierra Helicopter simulator 3D
I believe that Helicopter simulator 3D is the oldest PC game I ever had. I can't recall how I got the game. Maybe from a friend.
At those times, games were hard to setup with hardwares. There was many types of display cards, sound cards, operating system versions, and even bios compatibilities that could be involved in running those games properly. This game runs in DOS mode and at the time, DOS were often IBM DOS.  The game specifiy that it runs with Tandy and IBM compatible. If I remember, it was about DOS 2.0 or near. Graphics were in 4 colors probably. My tandy had 16! A 3.5 floppy disk contain the full program. Published by Sierra. It was a popular publisher at that time. These games were as expensive as today's modern complex games.
 It had modem support. That means you could play versus a friend via a phone connection using a modem. 1200 BPM maybe at that era? An advance feature for that time. A feature I haven't used until about 1995, when Duke Nukem 3D came out. I've bought my first modem then, a 14.4 BPM US robotic.

-Year: 1987
-Dev: Sierra online
-Min requirements: Not specified. At that time, 8086 or 8088 processor probably.
-Status: In hand

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