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Tex Murphy adventure games

Tex Murphy adventure games
Under a killing moon is the first Tex Murphy game I've played and played it till the end. Loved it. It was done using cinematics (AVI probably) with real actors. In this one,  3 known actors, Margot Kidder, Russell Means and Brian Keith are along the cast. The voice of James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) is used too in some narrations. A well done game for the time made by Access software. Tex Murphy is a detective that have to find clues to solve a murder mystery. If I remember well, It plays similar to the "Myst" games.
The pandora directive is a game I've bought used. I haven't found the other disk set yet but by memory, I couldn't play it completely cause of a damaged disk. I've probably fully played Overseer but I don't remember much of it. Maybe it wasn't like the first one.

-Years: Under a killing: 1994, Pandora directive:1996, Overseer: 1997
Access software
-Min requirements:386 25mhz, 
-Status: In hand

Last update: September 29th 2013

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