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Seabreeze VM-714 tape recorder
by The Voice of Music

Seabreeze VM-714 with amplifier VM-176
View of the combo
Even if the front are stamped with the "Seabreeze" name, the VM in model number stands for "The Voice of Music" which I believe is an American made machine. Image shows the VM-714 tape recorder and it's assortied amplifier model VM-176 for a stereophonic reproduction.
Seabreeze VM-714 tape recorder
View of the tape recorder model VM-714
It is tube operated, with a 10 Watts integrated single end tube amplifier with less then 3% THD @ 3db. Tubes list are 6V6 (output), 12AX7 (preamp), 12AU7 (heads preamp?), 5Y3 (rectifier), 6E5 (screen view meter). Frequency response; 20-25khz (amplifier). Tape 30-18khz @ 7.5 ips.

-Retail: $270 for VM-714 and VM-176 (Canada 1960)
-Speeds: 3 3/4 - 7 1/2 ips
-Extra informations: Tubes operated.
-Case: Wood
-Tape: Metal and plastic
-Status: In hand

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