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Mastercraft (Rincan) model 35R19

Mastercraft model 35R19 AM/FM table radio
 Not sure if it's related as it's not mentioned on the back of this unit, but the Mastercraft name is the brand name used by a Canadian retail store called "Canadian Tire". It is much possible that this radio was made for there brand and sold by them.  However, the same visual radio have been found under the Japanese maker Rincan, which I assume that it may be the manufacturer of this unit.

-Origin: Japan
-Manufacturer: Rincan (same model found under this mfg)
-Year(s): N/A
-Retail: N/A
-Band: AM/FM
-Consump: 30 watts
-Tubes list: 2X 12BA6, 2X 12DT8, 12BE6, 12AV6, 50C5
-Features: FM AFC, 4" X 6" speaker.
-Extra informations: 
-Case: Plastic
-Size: 15" W X 8 1/2"H X 6"D
-Status: In hand

Last update:  January 4th 2014

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