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Fleetwood 5069 table radio

Realistic 8 tracks player
This table radio is one of the best sounding radio I've ever listened. The 2 50C5 drive output push-pull configuration (information saw) and a good quality speaker might contribute a lot to it.  It is defective actually but will certainly make a job on it when I'll have a spare time.  Serial of this unit is 836

-Origin: Canada
-Year(s): 1960s
-Retail: N/A
-Fonctions: Am/Fm, Phono (monoral)
-Tubes list: 2X 12BA6, 2X 12AV6, 2X 50C5, 1X 17C9, 1X 12BE6
-Extra informations: Tone and afc
-Case: Plastic
-Front: Plastic/ chrome trims
-Status: In hand.

Last update: October 14th 2013

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