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Astra (Rincan) high-sensitivity

Astra high-sensitivity tubes radio
Typical Japanese radio of the 60s. There's been many model similar to this one.
Astra radio schematic
Schematic located below radio

-Origin: Japan
-Manufacturer: Rincan
-Year(s): Late 1960s
-Retail: N/A
-Features: Am/Fm, twin speakers monophonic.
-Tubes list: 2X 12DT8, 2X 12BA6, 12AV6, 12BE6, 50C5
-Extra informations: 
-Case: Plastic
-Front: Clear Plastic
-Size: 25"W X 6"H X 7"D approx.
-Status: In hand. Dial broken.

Last update: January 4th 2014

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