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Deluxe AFC AM/FM table radio

Deluxe AFC AM/FM table radio
A particularity of some Japanese electronics of the late 1960s and early 70s, radios like this one had no specific, or known brand names. They were often sold in large department stores (Kmart to name one) at affordable price. Waranty was probably like 90 days but like this one, the circuit diagram is attached to the bottom so any technician can refer it for any repair.  It have 2 speakers but it's a monoral radio. AFC stands for automatic frequency control.

-Origin: Japan
-Year(s): Early 1970s
-Retail: N/A
-Fonctions: Am - Fm - Fm AFC
-Power: AC line (110V)
-Extra informations: It have 11 transistors
-Case: Wood
-Front: Wood / Aluminium plate
-Status: In hand.

Last update:  November 6th 2013

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