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Concord Automatic 350

Concord Automatic 350 portable tape recorder
Concord was well known in the 60's for there innovative features. This unit with voice operated and it's auto reverse features makes it a perfect machine for long recording sessions. From concord, I had in the past, model 440, stereophonic (tubes amplifier), model 330 with voice operated, and the model 120, that I've managed to find one back some 10 years ago.
 Sadly, this automatic 350 unit is in bad shape and will probably end up for parts. However, picture of it is done for archive.

-Solid state
-Year(s): Mid 1960s
-Retail: N/A
-Speeds: N/A
-Power: Battery operated (D Size)
-Features: Voice operated (auto start), Auto reverse
-Extra informations: Aux in, Mic/remote, external speaker connection.
-Case: Plastic
-Front: Plastic/cast aluminium
-Status: In hand. Missing parts.

Last update: January 14th 2014

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