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Yamaha DSR-100 Surround decoder

Yamaha DSR-100 Digital Surround decoder
Surround decoder decodes the surround signal from DVD/Blue Rays and translate into surround various channels, generally front stereo, rear surround and a center for main vocal drive of a home theater audio installation. With this model, you use your own (good old) amplifiers for final drive output. 1 for front left and right, 1 for rear surround  speaker drive, and a 3rd for front central vocal drive.
 My personal setup uses a similar decoder unit (Rotel), main front is drove by a Marantz 2025, surround and center output by 2 Sansui AU serie. It just blast like no modern surround amplified decoders would do (unless maybe paying a fortune).

-Retail: N/A
-Features: 5-1 surround decoder. Lots of adjustement options available.
-Extra informations: Remote control.
-Case: Metal
-Front: Plastic
-Status: In hand

Last update: January 12th 2014

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