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Meteor Clubman two audio mixer
model LMC-222

Meteor Clubman two mixer model LMC-222
This is early disco era mixer. Manufactured probably in early or mid 1970s, it was made in USA by Meteor light and sound in Syosset, NY state. It have 2 phono inputs, one tape and one microphone input. This unit have a built-in preamp controls which allows to connect the mixer directly to power amplifiers.

-Origin: USA
-Model: LMC-222
-Retail: N/A
-Cursors: 4 inputs + master volume.
-Features: Built in preamp and master volume
-Extra informations: This unit is made to be insert in a consol board. Opening size to be 13" X 13" square.
-Case: Aluminium
-Front: Aluminium plate
-Size: 14"W X 14"Deep (plate) X 5" thick
-Weight: 3.600 kg
-Status: Sold

Last update: January 26th 2014

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