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Meteor Clubman one-one audio mixer
model 111A

Meteor Clubman one-one vintage mixer
This is early disco era mixer. Manufactured probably in early or mid 1970s, it was made in USA by Meteor light and sound in Syosset, NY state. This one still in working condition. It have 2 phonos inputs and one microphone input. Cues are for pre-listening in headphones before the mixing and crossfade does mix from one table to the other, but most of the time, turntable cursors were in use.

rear view
Back view
-Model: 111A
-Retail: N/A
-Cursors: 3
-Features: Cues. Mic inputs
-Extra informations: 2 output levels
-Case: Wood / metal
-Front: Aluminium plate
-Status: Sold

Last update: May 20h 2014

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