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Boss BX-800 stereo mixer

Boss BX-800 8 channels stereo mixer
Overall view
Boss BX-800 rear view
Rear view
Boss BX-800 top view
Top controls view

The Boss BX-800 is a small 8 channels mixer. There are 8X 1/4" inputs for musical or hi-fi audio. Each channels have preamp controls, effects volume, and channel assignment (pan). Individual gain control to adjust proper input signal according to the audio components or musical instruments used.  Output are individual 1/4" plugs, to connect on musical amps or recording device.

-Retail: N/A
-Features: 8 Channel mixing with preamp and effects control on each channel.
-Extra informations: In/out plugins for effect device.
-Case: Plastic
-Status: In hand

Last update: January 12th 2014

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