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Philips 3301

Philips 3301 portable cassette recorder
The Philips 3300 being the first ever cassette tape recorder to be produced back in 1963, the model 3301 was the follow up. I can't tell the difference so far with those 2 as they are at first look, identical. The difference might be from inside. I'm not sure when the 3301 started in production but this unit is dated 1965. The 3303 have a window on the cassette door, like most cassette units produced from then. This image shows the unit with it's original microphone.
Philips 3301 portable cassette recorder
Side view
Philips 3301 portable cassette recorder
Shown here with it's original leathery casing. It looks like this covering was designed for the later model 3303 as it have the cassette window cut-out on it.

-Origin: Austria
-Year(s):1965 (this unit)
-Retail: N/A
-Speeds: 1 7/8 ips
-Operation: DC 7.5 Volt (5X "C" cells)
-Consum: N/A
-Features: 2nd cassette recorder model to be ever produced.
-Extra informations: Original microphone and leathery covering
-Case: Plastic. Aluminium plate.
-Status: In hand.

Added June 8th 2014

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