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Sound (Sony)SAQ-202 integrated amplifier

Sound SAQ-202 integrated amplifier
This integrated amplifier is early Sony that were using the "Sound" brand name for some of there production line.

-Origin: Japan
-Year(s): 1969
-Power output: 6 Watts RMS/channel 8ohms, THD: 2%
-Frequency response: 30-20khz
-Consum: N/A
-Preamp controls: Individual tone and volume for each channel
-Selector: Tuner - Phono (ceramic/crystal) - Aux
-Switches: Stereo/mono and normal/reverse
-Speakers selection: None
-Extra informations: 
-Dimension: 10 5/8"W X 3 3/4"H X 7 1/4"D
-Case: Front: solid aluminium - Cover: Metal
-Weight: 6 pound
-Status: in hand. 

Last update:  January 12th 2014

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