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Realistic STA-111 receiver

Realistic STA-111 receiver
This is early slim era of receivers. I've used this unit for some times (10 years ago maybe). Great sounding. There's a problem now as I've retried it. Maybe a condenser in the safety unit as it keeps on clicking.

-Origin: Singapore
-Year(s): 1982-1983
-MSRP: $359
-Power output:  30 Watts/channel 8ohms, THD: 0.02%
-Frequency response: 20-20khz
-Consum: 200VA
-Preamp controls: Bass - Midrange - Treble - Balance
-Selector: AM - FM - Phono - Aux
-Buttons: Tape Monitor - Mono - Loudness - High filter - MPX filter
-Speakers selection: A & B (2 pairs)
-Extra informations: Digital tuner with 6 preset each AM and FM
-Dimension: 17 3/4"W X 3 1/4" H X 14 1/2 D
-Case: Front: solid aluminium - Cover: Metal
-Status: in hand. 

Last update: October 12th 2013

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