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Martel solid state receiver
Chassis #T9M
(Pre-Rotel hi-fi)

Martel solid state receiver
Front view: According to some sources, the brand ROTEL is the fusion of Martel and Roland for it's hi-fi division. New informations recieved (thanks Dennis) reveals that the chassis number of this model is T9M (M for martel) and were produced in Canada by Clairtone sound Corporation in there Nova Scotia factory. A similar model with Clairtone's brand name was too in production under chassis number T9(see photo below). I had that other version of this reciever but I don't know where it headed. I doubt that I've sold it but no impossible.
Martel solid state receiver rear
Rear view
Martel solid state receiver top view
Top view. Wiring and components tells me that this is 1960's technology. Probably Mid 1960. Maybe this receiver was sold in kit to be assemble. This one looks like factory assembled.
Martel solid state receiver bottom view
Bottom view. Output is driven by 4 TO3 transistors. They could probably drive more then 15 watts RMS per channel, however, the line circuit breaker is rated 0.52A, which is about 60 watts in consumption.
Clairtone CT 101B reciever
The Clairtone CT 101B reciever, chassis # T9, from the same factory as the martel's production.
This image courtesy of Denis Kutchera

-Origin: Canada
-Power output: 14 Watts (rated)
-Frequency response: n/a
-Consum: .155A (rated)
-Preamp controls: Bass - Treble - Balance
-Selector: AM - FM - Phono - tape - Aux
-Buttons: Contour (similar to loudness)
-Other switches fonctions: AFC - Mono- Sim (?) - Reverse - spk off
-Speaker connections: 2 Pairs 
-Extra informations: Phones Jack
-Dimension: 16 7/8"W X 8"H X 12 3/8"Deep
-Case: Front: Metal - Cover: Wood
-Status: in hand. *

Last update: June 3rd 2015

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