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Lloyds H-440 Receiver

Lloyds H-440 Receiver

NB: Lloyds is generally known for it's low end audio product but this receiver was tested and have descent Hi-Fi sound and features worth being mentioned as an Hi-Fi receiver. Rare from this brand.
-Power output: 40 Watts/channel 8ohms THD: N/A
-Frequency response: N/A
-Preamp controls: Bass - Midrange - Treble - Balance
-Selector: AM - FM - Phono - Aux -
-Buttons: Tape Monitor1 and 2 - Mono - Loudness - High Filter - Low Filter, muting (power?)
-Speakers selection: A & B (2 pairs)
-Extra informations: Phones Jack
-Case: Front: solid aluminium - Cover: Wood
-Status: Sold

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