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Lloyds Stereo multiplex model 32A

Lloyds Stereo combo model 32A
This low wattage output system was fully equiped for the time. Not often seen features are a seperate "bass" and "treble" controls, FM muting, loudness button. The system can be turn on and off using the turntable.

Lloyds Stereo combo model 32A
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-Origin: Japan
-Year(s): Mid 1970s
-Power output:  Less then 5 Watts /channel for 8ohms load
-Frequency response: n/a
-Consum: 35W
-Components: Radio, BSR ceramic turntable, stereo cassette recorder
-Turntable's needle: ST-16 or ST-17
-Preamp controls: Bass - Treble - Balance
-Selector: AM - FM - Phono(ceramic) - Tape - Aux
-Buttons: Loudness, FM AFC, FM Muting,
-Speakers selection: 2 & 4 speakers (2 pairs)
-Extra informations: Phones Jack. Mic inputs for the tape.
-Dimension: N/A
-Case: Front: solid aluminium - Cover: Metal, sides wood.
-Status: Sold

Added March 30th 2014

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