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Fleetwood Stereo tube receiver

Fleetwood Stereo tube receiver
I had this receiver in my stuff. It was very dusty (probably bought like this long time ago). This unit was probably installed in large wood stereo cabinet, popular and late 50's and the 60s. According to tube brands, few were from "Fleetwood". A Canadian brand so after a quick net search, I'm more then sure that it's indeed from Fleetwood. The dial plastic is missing so I had to make guesses with the front buttons. Selector have 3 positions. Phono (as there's rear phono input plugs, AM radio, and something else. Could be Short wave but can't confirm yet. On the photo, the unit was powered up and playing an AM station.
Fleetwood Stereo tube receiver top view
While cleaning it up, as the tube numbers weren't engraved
on this unit (like some are), I've used a marker and marked them on there proper emplacement. 6AQ5 output tubes can drive 4.5 watts of music according to specs.
Fleetwood tube receiver. While lite.
Receiver in action.

-Year(s):Early 1960s
-Power output:  Less then 5 Watts/channel 8ohms, THD: N/A
-Tube list: 6CA4, 2X 6AQ5, 2X 6AU6, 6DC8, 6BE6
-Frequency response: n/a
-Consum: N/A
-Preamp controls: Tone
-Selector: AM - SW? (Not sure yet) - Phono
-Speakers output options: 4 or 8 ohms
-Dimension: N/A
-Status: in hand. Works

Last update: October 14th 2013

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