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Fisher CA-271 3 components stereo combo

Fisher CA-271 3 components stereo combo
CA-271 integrated amplifier / CR-W47H Double cassette deck / FM-271 Tuner
Typical combo system offered from about the mid 1980s by many brands. They were often sold all together at a package price. The tuner and cassette tape can't be used with another system as they are operating on DC supply, plugged in this integrated amplifier.

-Origin: N/A
-Year(s):Mid 1980s
-Power output: 100 Watts/channel 8ohms, THD: 0.05%
-Frequency response: 20-20khz
-Preamp controls: Graphic equilizer - Balance
-Selector buttons: Tuner - Phono - Aux/video - CD
-Buttons: Loudness - Watts level selector
-Speakers selection: A & B (2 pairs)
-Extra informations: Deck is 16VDC and Tuner 19 VDC
-Dimension: N/A
-Case: Front: solid aluminium - Cover: Metal, sides wood.
-Status: in hand. 

Last update: October 12th 2013

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