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Bogen Challenger CHA33

Bogen Challenger CHA33 tubes integrated amplifier
Front view
Bogen CHA33 inner view
Inside view

Bogen CHA33 rear view
Rear view

-Origin: USA
-Power output:  33 Watts rated, THD: NA
-Frequency response: n/a
-Tubes list: 2X 6L6GB, 2X 5Y3GT, 1X 12AX7, 1X 6AV6
-Available impedances: 4-8-16 ohms and 150ohms 70V 
-Consum: 1.5A
-Preamp controls: Bass - Treble
-Volume inputs: 2 microphones and 1 phono (crystal/ceramic).
-Dimension: N/A
-Case: Metal
-Status: in hand.  Untested

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