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45 RPM vinyl records index
Index of 45 RPM singles by types. All singles in this listing are records that we have or had in hand. We don't list any singles that we don't or didn't have. This section is still under work and doesn't show all infos yet for each singles as some are part of our kept collection, and some are (or will be) available for sale. All images (when displayed) are original from our site and may not be used in any circonstances without written permission. If you have any questions on any of them, contact us at

Dance and disco 45 RPM Dance/Disco/Plain
45 RPM singles
45 RPM 1990 and up Rock/Pop 1976-1990+
45 RPM singles
Rock 1970-1975
Rock/Pop 1970-1975
45 RPM singles
Oldies Rock n' Roll 1950s-1960s NEW
Oldies - Rock & Roll and Pop
45 RPM singles

The Beatles 45 RPM The Beatles
45 RPM singles
Elvis Presley singles NEW
Elvis Presley
45 RPM Singles and EP
Oldies & Pop 45 RPM 1950s-1970s NEW
45 RPM singles

(Currently with oldies - Rock & Roll - Pop)

Last update: April 2nd 2015

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