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Don Caesar (?) 20" bronze
We have a set of 2 bronze statues since about 14 years that have been left to us in a succession lot. This one that does decorate the living room and another one that I call "Don Juan", that was stored in pieces in a humid basement and now fixed with epoxy glue (detail in this site section). Why the (?) on them, is that they haven't been officially identified as beeing Don Caesar and Don Juan. There names on the bases seems to have been volontary removed (erased) as they are barely visible now and I doubt that they have weared out as other base details are excellent. I've suspected that the maker have used the same molded base use for the Don Juan and Don Caeser set,  to create these 2 medieval caracters but I may be wrong. Internet researches haven't been successfull to identify them besides that there are pairs of statues of "real" Don Juan and Don Caesar using this base's shape and design with there un-erased names on them.
According to some sources, they could be from the 19th century but again, nothing concluding that proves this. If anyone knows about these, informations would be apreciated.
Don Caesar 20 inches bronze statue

Don Caesar bronze statue front view

Don Caesar base
On this picture, we can't really see what written on this, but because I've found clear pictures on the web of bronze statues with the same shape base with either, Don Juan or Don Caesar's name on it, I could, knowing this, that this base originally been called Don Caesar most probably, with remaining traces of barely visible letters. The other statue shows clearly the Don Juan name but still show that they've tried to erase it possibly. A mystery.

-Height: 20 inches approx.
-Condition: Good overall condition.
-Status: In hand

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